Hair oil treatment at home – this oil works every time!

Moroccan secret to beautiful hair is called Moroccan liquid gold and as pompously as it sounds, argan oil is called liquid gold and the king of care for a very good reason. Thoroughly tested, in Morocco considered a treasure that stuns with its exceptional ingredients. Include it in your beauty routine for hair and scalp today. The one oil can change your hair appearance. See for yourself how professional the hair oil treatment at your home can be with argan oil.

Interesting fact
Argan oil is a natural oil obtained in Morocco where Argania Spinosa is meticulously tended to and enlisted with UNESCO. Its properties are valued for hundreds of years but only recently we have seen what really is ‘hidden’ in this oil. As it turns out, argan oil is over 250 active substances and each of them supports your hair beauty!

Argan oil – for what hair type?

Argan oil is recommended for all hair types. The set of fatty acids contained in the product will find its use in hair care of:


Argan oil – the properties

Argan oil owes its beneficial action to its unique chemical composition. Crucial here is extremely high amount of glycerides because there is 99% of them! Glycerides are mostly triglycerides that include precious fatty acids: linoleic and oleic. Besides glycerides in the composition are also carotenes, tocopherols, terpenes, sterols, and xanthophylls. This composition makes for natural argan cosmetics with a wide spectrum of action. Its action is valued for moisturizing, and elasticity boosting properties. Apart from that, the oil has regenerative and anti-inflammatory action, which perfectly calms irritations. It has great impact on the hydrolipid barrier of the skin so it particularly appreciated by people with dermatological diseases. Additionally, it regulates the work of sebaceous glands and is great for all skin types. Nonetheless, argan emollient is particularly appreciated by people with dry, sensitive, and little elastic skin. Argan oil is also an invaluable ally in the fight for healthy and glossy hair which has been proven by millions of women around the world.

Which argan oil should you choose?

So that the oil gave 100% and reveal its conditioning properties, you need to find it in its best quality. Only unrefined, cold-pressed, and certified (Ecocert) argan oil will work great for conditioning.

Hair oil treatment with argan oil – how to do it?

Hair oil treatment can be performed in various ways. It all depends on the condition of the hair and the time you have to spare. The easiest oil treatment is for hair ends protection – you simply apply the argan oil to ends alone to avoid weighing down and to protect them against the difficulties of everyday life… i.e. damage.

Slightly more precise and obviously more nourishing is hair oil treatment that involves hair on its entire length and the scalp (it also needs the right care). How to do it? Meet the two best methods.

Quick hair oil treatment

If you care about the fast nourishment, softening, and moisturizing, apply argan oil to dry hair and leave for 15 minutes. Remember to include the scalp that enjoys massage with oils. Rub the oil in the scalp and then distribute it to the entire hair length.

If you have even less time, use a mix of argan oil and hair mask or conditioner – apply it to the hair while in the shower and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse it. This method works no matter the hair type. The soft and smooth hair effect is visible right away.

Hair oil treatment for long evenings

You probably aim to take the best care or your hair and deeply nourish it, so once or twice a week devoid a whole evening to it. Apply the argan oil to washed and towel-dried hair – the damp strands absorb oil way better. Leave it on hair for 30 minutes or 2-3 hours if you have that much time. Wrap your hair in a towel to boost the hair action. It the meantime, you can take a relaxing bath, read, do your manicure, or apply face mask, etc. After the time that you determined for it, just rinse the oil down and wash your hair with a shampoo. So that oil is easier to rinse down, apply conditioner or hair mask on hair before you proceed to wash it down. It neutralizes the oily particles of the oil and makes it easier to rinse without weighing hair down.