How to care for greasy hair like a pro?

Every woman dreams of stunning, glossy, healthy hair. Too bad we often end up with awful, greasy, volume-less strands instead. Let’s focus on one of the problems today. How to care for greasy hair?

Why is my hair greasy?

Sebaceous glands produce sebum whose amount depends on numerous factors. We often trigger the overproduction by stimulating the glands e.g. by touching the scalp and transferring the germs. The oily scalp is common in teenagers because the hormonal changes spark the overproduction of oils. This problem is also popular during the menopause.

If the above cases don’t concern you, it’s likely that you suffer from the hormonal imbalance. Ideally, you should consult a doctor to detect the problem and use the proper treatment.

Also, greasy hair and scalp may flow from wrong daily-care products, medication and – above all else – unhealthy diet. Summing up, try to find the thing that makes your hair greasy.

What is greasy hair like?

It looks dirty, flat, volumeless. The unhealthy shine is common too. The excess of sebum clogs the skin pores so the skin cannot breathe while hair is weighed down.

TOP remedies for greasy hair

Highly-processed food or too much sugar won’t benefit your hair. Having too much caffeine – strong tea and coffee – has a negative effect as well.

Pay attention to the ingredients. Your shampoos, conditioners and masks shouldn’t contain silicones and strong detergents which cause the scalp to overproduce the oil. Don’t use leave-in conditioners because they may overburden the hair.

Choose a mild shampoo which works gently. The cosmetic market abounds in products dedicated to greasy hair. They have fewer irritants and perfectly remove the product buildup and dirt.

Don’t rub the skin or hair harshly while shampooing. Ideally, mix the shampoo with water and smooth the lather across the hair and skin. Use the fingertips, never the nails, be gentle. Don’t stimulate the glands to produce too much oil. Don’t use warm water. Cool water helps keep hair fresh.

Remember that greasy hair needs nourishing as well because it also tends to lose hydration. Don’t apply the product onto scalp. This way you will have fresh hair roots and moisturized ends.

Flip your head over and blow-dry the hair – this way you keep it fresh-looking for longer. Use only cool airflow because heat makes the glands produce too much sebum.

You keep combing or touching the hair? Stop it now. You stimulate the glands so don’t touch the hair and if you wear a hat, keep it lightweight.

Stress turns out to have a big impact on the hair. If you live with constant stress and tension, keeping the hair healthy may be tricky. Stress worsens the state of tresses as well as skin and nails. Stress-triggering hormones quickly remove vitamin B from our bodies.

The above tips are easy and they can really aid you in keeping the hair fresh and voluminous. Incorporate them into your life to enjoy lovely, healthy hairdo!