Natural Home Treatments for Great Hair

You don’t know how to take control of your dry, brittle hair that looks messy? There are some natural tried and trusted remedies that will aid you in making problematic hair better!

Wash your hair the right way

Washing the hair gently matters the most. Wet hair is exposed to damage and breakage. Wash the tresses using the fingertips, not nails, to keep it safe from brittleness. Rinse the hair using lukewarm or cool water. Warm water opens the cuticles and encourages the overproduction of oil, leading to greasy, flat hair.

Blow-dry routine

Ideally, let your hair air-dry. If you’re pressed for time or your hair needs blow-drying to look decent, always gently towel-dry first to banish the excess of water. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the strands and use cool airflow while blow-drying to keep the cuticles sealed. Heat causes hair breakage and split ends.

Blow-dry from the roots to the ends, never go the other way round!

How to detangle hair?

If you’re used to combing wet hair right after shampooing, ditch this habit. Brush the hair slowly and gently when it’s damp.

Homemade Hair Masks

You can’t skip masks in your hair regimen because they are fully absorbed by the hair, rebuilding it from the follicles to the ends. They have plenty of properties but above all else they perfectly revive even the most damaged hair, restore hydration and shine.

The tried and true recipes used by our great grandmas surely improve the condition of hair. You can make a natural hair mask at home – it isn’t worse than readymade products at the stores.

Banana Hair Mask

This mask is really powerful because it’s extremely easy to use and always works. You need a banana, lemon, some honey and plain yogurt. Mix mashed banana with the yogurt, add honey and lemon, mix well. Leave the mask in the hair for around 30 minutes and wash it out thoroughly. This mask works wonders because it nourishes the hair leaving it smoother and shinier. It’s good to use it at least twice a week.

Muesli Hair Mask

Mix favorite fruits, plain yogurt and muesli. Add some olive oil. Apply it on hair and leave it in for 30 minutes. Rinse the hair using cool water and reach for a shampoo.

Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask

Mix the ingredients well, apply onto hair and wrap a towel around the head. Leave the mask in for 15 minutes tops! The longer you keep it, the harder it is to wash the mask out, plus you risk ending up with greasy strands.

Egg Hair Mask

It makes a good conditioner because it’s rich in proteins. You just need to mix two eggs with olive oil and lemon. That’s it. If you want to make hair grow faster, enrich the mask with honey.

There are different ways to prepare this mask. You can separate the egg white from yolk. Beat the white until stiff and mix it with the yolk. Spread the mask evenly on damp hair and put on a shower cap. Rinse the hair after 30 minutes.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Slightly heat coconut oil up and rub a big amount into scalp. Put on a towel or shower cap. Ideally, leave it in for two hours or even for the whole night, and shampoo twice. This mask stimulates faster hair growth and surely aids anti-hair loss treatment.

Natural home treatments are really powerful when you want great-looking hair. Readymade masks aren’t the only thing you can use. You can make use of the ingredients you have at home. Just remember to use the masks regularly. Being systematic pays off!