Not every oil is the same. Different content of fatty acids, vitamins and mineral substances. Different properties that depend on the method of extraction. What does it mean? Every hair oil is one of its kind whereas the effective hair care involves making conscious choices.

Not every hair oil is suitable for you. Therefore, it is so important to take a reasonable approach to the choice of cosmetics. Meet the best hair oils of recent weeks and learn that the price and popularity of the brand do not always equal the effectiveness.

The choice of a hair oil is no mean feat. The cosmetic industry offers hundreds of domestic and foreign products. You walk to a drugstore and easily get lost between the shelves bending under the weight of hair care products. The review of hair oils makes it a lot easier. We must remember that not only the price but the composition of the oil also matters – the more natural and precise, the better.

How to perform an effective hair oil treatment?

Learning your hair porosity is the most important thing in the case of oiling. Many cosmetic companies ignore this issue. The truth is you cannot choose a proper hair oil if you don’t know your hair porosity. Picking random moisturising, regenerating or smoothing products won’t bring any good. The things that are important in hair oiling:

  1. A proper hair care method e.g. wet hair oiling.
  2. A hair oil composed of perfectly selected nutrients.
The structure of our hair determines our hair problems.. Closed cuticle scales on the external layer of the hair make the stylisation more difficult. On the other hand, dangerously open scales speed up the loss of water and cause destruction. If we influence the source and try to seal the scales with suitable oils, we will eliminate the problems e.g. breakage, splitting or frizz.

Meet the best hair oils!
Find out how women rated their ingredients and hair benefits.


Nanoil equals quality respected by everyone who is serious about hair care and repair. Natural oils obviously beat all other substances and products. Now, you have a chance of discovering a range of six pure organic ‘baby’


Yves Roche Hair Repair Oil is a French proposition for hair that needs restoration and nutrients. Thanks to a quite good selection of active ingredients, the product presents the hair with extraordinary care. It has amazing nourishing and


This multitasking Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil has superb nourishing and moisturising properties. It includes exclusively natural ingredients thus works as an antioxidant and delivers protection. The product slows down the ageing of body cells, reinforces and repairs.


A hair oil – extracted from the nuts of macadamia tree – has been the inspiration for the creation of Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. The product is intended for the intensive moisturising and smoothing all hair types.


Kevin Murphy Young Again Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil won’t go unnoticed not only due to the very original design. The treatment is based on the oil extracted from the Immortelle flowers, and a few additional plant substances.


Until recently, promoted as the most luxurious hair oils. Kerastase Elixir Ultime products are the must-have in many hair salons. The original version is a versatile beautifying oil for all hair types. It nourishes the hair, delivers


The product is said to be one of the best hair treatments with Moroccan Argan Oil. There are mixed opinions about it, though. The product has strong rebuilding and protective properties. It reduces the harmfulness of heat,


Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amla is one of the three versions in the oriental hair care series. It is intended for brittle, weak, damaged and sensitive hair. Its main ingredient is an extract from Indian gooseberry (amla).

We live in times when people pay a lot of attention to hair care. It is extremely important to find the best hair products among hundreds of other cosmetics. The appearance of the products is least important (however, it is nice when we can decorate our dressing table with a cosmetic). There are at least five crucial things we should keep in mind.

A perfect hair oil means:

  1. Reasonably selected ingredients. None of the components is chosen at random. Natural hair oils must be precisely matched. Oils with the majority of omega-3 fatty acids are recommended for damaged hair. On the other hand, difficult-to-style hair will like plant butters more. Overloading the product with silicones and adding trace amounts of some random oils means nothing good.
  2. Natural ingredients. The formula is based on natural extracts and vegetable oils. The cosmetic should also contain vitamins and minerals. The product is useless when it is packed with silicones, preservatives and cosmetic alcohols instead of the beneficial substances. Naturalness provides the best info about the quality of the product.
  3. Versatile effects. It is another important issue while choosing a hair product. We should focus on cosmetics that work both on the surface and inside the hair. Your hair will be weighed down if you apply products that create an oily layer on the hair. Make sure the cosmetic can be applied to the scalp – this is where the life of your hair begins. Reinforcing hair bulbs is extremely important in full hair care.
  4. Suitable application method. It must be suitable for you (easy) and your hair (effective). If we are pressed for time, a leave-in product will work best. Applying products to wet hair gives an intensive action. The product is good quality if we can use it for scalp oiling. Regardless of the application method, hair oil must work and replace other cosmetics.
  5. Distinctive asset. It is not usually mentioned yet it is crucial. When you look at a product, you must know it is unique. Innovation, original ingredients, a different approach to hair care. It is important that there is something characteristic that makes the product stand out from the crowd.

Following these 5 steps, you can make a list and put the products from the best to the worst ones. Turn down the ones that fail to meet your expectations. Choose an ideal among the rest. Compare your observations with detailed information about a given product on the official website, beauty blogs and product reviews. Read about the opinions on hair oils and meet women’s favourite.